Memorial Union (MU), MU Quad, SEC Plaza and Global Community Kitchen.


Reservations can be made on this site for the following:

  • Memorial Union (MU)
  • MU Advertising Spaces
  • MU Quad & SEC Plaza
  • Global Community Kitchen
Need to edit your reservation?

  1. Click "Reservations" on the top ribbon.
  2. Select "View My Requests"
  3. Click on "Name" of Reservation
  4. Click green plus sign under "Services"
  5. Review "Available Services"
  6. Edit away


Click the "Reservations" icon above to access online reservations. Please contact MU Reservations if you do not see space or facility you would like to reserve.

Links for Event Planning 


MU Quad and SEC Plaza Spaces 

Each individual plaza space is 10'x10' for tabling.  Larger spaces can also be reserved for special events.